Augmented reality is in fact a combination of authentic life and virtual reality, somewhere between them both, therefore it’s often known as mixed reality. It is widely used in the commercial sector to add a single piece of virtual information to a specific point in reality. It is different from virtual reality since virtual reality only creates a computer-simulated environment. Augmented Reality for a concept really does start to turn into interesting once you combine it with different technologies.

Augmented Reality apps has the potential to enrich the hotel guest experience through additional media that are triggered by objects in the hotel. Through their smartphones or tablets camera, we are able to trigger off a digitally enabled experience in the hotel. One such application is the use of AR to show our guests the amenities in the room virtually. The guests can turn on the AR guide to make the stay more interactive. These AR apps are featured with 3D animations that’s the ideal method to supply the information regarding the hotel.

Augmented reality is also helpful for navigation. By combine virtual technology with whatever portion of the world you’re currently at, it is changing the way we are interacting with the world. So as a tourist, you are not lost. It adds to the reality you would ordinarily see rather than replace it. It does not create artificial environment, but it can play with the existing environment and also overlays feature on it. So imagine searching for the hidden place of interest in a foreign land, the AR app will be a good travel companion.

Using Augmented Reality in Hotels

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